Over the past few centuries, the fatal dance between the Camarilla and the Sabbat has changed vampire society. Their bloody Jyhad has shaped the secret history of the world, destroying millions of mortal lives in the process. However, there are some Clans who witness both Sects tear at each other’s throats in the name of their ancient feud and decide that they would prefer to watch from the sidelines.

These four lineages can claim their place as proper Clans, but share a strong disinterest in getting involved in the war between the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Granted, individual members of these Clans (usually younger Kindred) show up in the ranks of both Sects from time to time, but the elders of the independent Clans have their own goals in mind, goals that would conflict with allegiance or loyalty to a Sect.

The Assamites

If there are any Assamites in New York, they have hidden themselves well. Of course, one would expect such behavior from a clan of assassins. Finding as Assamite in New York might be the last thing any kindred does, if they wanted to or otherwise.

The Followers of Set

Setites have been in New York for a long time, having an uneasy truce with the Sabbat. Controlling Harlem and parts of Brooklyn, their main territory is the South Bronx. There are no dedicated leaders within the Setites, but none can deny the power and influence of Elie Sansaricq. He is not the only Setite of note in the city, but he is the one most people know. The Setites have been largely left alone by the Camarilla, and have been given a number of concessions, due in large part to their involvement in the battle for New York.

The Giovanni

Donatello Giovanni is the head of the Giovanni family in New York. Overall, their numbers are small, but that belies their power and influence within the city. They do not seem to be bothered by the change in power in New York, and have been conducting business as usual throughout the city.

The Ravnos

There are rarely Ravnos that remain in any one place for long, but a large number of Ravnos had been giving the Sabbat "The Treatment" for months leading up to the Camarilla invasion of New York.  Some may still be around, waiting to see if they will be given the respect that the Sabbat did not deem fit to grant them.  However, since there is no Prince, they may have to wait until there is one.

Independent Gangrel

These Gangrel are not with any sect, though they are nominally considered allied with the Camarilla, though they will never say that. These Gangrel forcibly left the Camarilla, and have a disdainful view of anyone who openly serves with them. Still, they are not Anarchs, and see Boss Callahan's leadership as just another leash.  To trespass in Van Cortlandt park is to invite their wrath.


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