Nominally a faction within the Camarilla, most “Anarchs” are still under the authority of the Ivory Tower. The Camarilla would say that the Anarchs are under the protection of the Sect, while the Anarchs would likely call it oppression. Still, many in the Anarch Movement understand the usefulness of the structure, with only the most radical calling for total withdrawal from the Camarilla. The Anarchs seek to change the Ivory Tower from within, turning it into the benevolent Kindred society it so often claims to be.

What needs to change? Ask twelve Anarchs, and you’ll get thirteen different answers. They agree that change needs to happen, but they aren’t collectively committed to any particular plan. Common threads pop up, such as the redistribution of power from the elders to all vampires, and for political authority to be based on merit rather than age. Whether those changes come through passionate debate in Elysium or guerrilla action against specifc elders, however, depends on the Anarch in question. Unlike the Sabbat who rebel because vampires should be superior, the Movement’s goals are at least nominally egalitarian.

While still members of the Camarilla, New York’s Anarchs are very much second-class citizens among the undead. Pushed into domains in “forgotten” Staten Island, the anarchs’ radical power-redistribution philosophies rub many Kindred the wrong way. While they’re not “the enemy” on the order of the Sabbat, few of the even nominally Camarilla Kindred wish to consort with the Anarchs. After all, the Camarilla retook the city, and few of the veterans of the battle would have the spoils handed over to the undeserving Anarchs.

The Anarchs are nominally led by Boss Callahan, who has not taken his sect's move to Staten Island well and is looking for any opportunity to claim domains in the rest of New York City.



Biting the Big Apple Hotfoot