Theo Bell

Camarilla Archon and Bad Enough Dude


Tall, dark and, yeah, handsome, Bell cuts a dashing, albeit forbidding, figure. Scars across his shoulders and back, souvenirs from the overseer’s lash, are the
only legacies of his slave days. Typically sporting a neatly trimmed mustache (and sometimes a bit of beard), Bell dresses well when at peace and efficiently when doing battle. A New York Yankees baseball cap, reflective police-style sunglasses and a merciless shotgun are Bell’s trademarks; anarchs and Sabbat alike know his visage and fear it. As an ironic mockery of his unliving condition, Bell occasionally plasters a Breathe-Rite™ strip across his nose, particularly on missions of war.


Theo Bell

Biting the Big Apple Hotfoot