Lacey Harrah

A brunette with red streaked hair, learning how to dress up a little


Lacey has been accused of being a dike. She is most comfortable in work boots, jeans, and teeshirt, often with a long-sleeved plaid or flannel shirt when needed for the weather. Her brunette hair is cut short, barely touching her shoulders, and often tucked beneath a well-worn ballcap. The rest of her is so average, she could fade into most crowds — brown eyes, round face with no touch of makeup, and a body best described as Midwest farmer’s wife. She doesn’t draw attention, and she likes it that way.


A young Ancilla of the Gangrel clan, she was driving a shipment of weapons meant for the Camarilla’s last big push against the Sabbat. The shipment was ambushed by a Sabbat pack who were in the right place at the right time, and her truck went up in flames with the warehouse. It’s well known Lacey wants payback, as she has not be quiet about it, but until then she runs errands around Staten Island for Boss Callahan.

Lacey Harrah

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